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Student Fellowship

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"Engineering the Future of Aerodynamics"

Student Fellowship Program:

At TAAI, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of aerodynamic enthusiasts and researchers. Our Student Fellowship Program is designed to provide financial support and valuable opportunities to students passionate about advancing the field of aerodynamics.

Description of Fellowships:

  1. Conference Grants: We encourage students to participate in international conferences, and we provide grants to help cover the expenses. If you have a groundbreaking aerodynamics paper to present, our Conference Grants will support your journey.

  2. Workshop Scholarships: TAAI organizes specialized CFD and aerodynamic workshops. Our Workshop Scholarships offer students the opportunity to attend and learn from experts in the field.

How to Apply:

To apply for any of our fellowships, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Application Form: Click the link below to download the application form. (Please note that an application upload feature will be available soon.)

  2. Complete the Form: Fill out the application form with the necessary details and ensure that it is accurate and comprehensive.

  3. Gather Supporting Documents: Prepare the required supporting documents, which may include conference invitations.

  4. Submit Your Application: Send your completed application form and supporting documents by post or email to the TAAI Secretary at the following address: [Include Secretary's contact details here].

Note: Please check the individual fellowship descriptions for specific application deadlines and eligibility criteria.

We look forward to receiving your applications and supporting your journey in the dynamic field of aerodynamics. If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to

[contact us](insert contact link).


Support of Book writing

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Support for Applied Aerodynamics Book Writing:

We understand that writing an authoritative book on Applied Aerodynamics is a significant endeavor that requires time, resources, and research. TAAI is proud to offer comprehensive support to dedicated authors who aim to make a difference in the field.

What We Offer:

  1. Financial Grants: We provide financial support to authors to cover research and publication costs.

  2. Guidance and Publishing Connections: TAAI connects authors with experienced mentors and experts in aerodynamics. We can also assist in establishing connections with reputable book publishers based on our past successful collaborations with authors.

How to Get Started:

If you have a book idea in the field of Applied Aerodynamics that you're passionate about, TAAI wants to hear from you. Reach out to us with your proposal, and we will evaluate your project for potential support.

Submit Your Proposal:

To get started, please send your book proposal to the TAAI Secretary. Be sure to include the following:

  • An Overview of Your Book Concept: Describe the main theme and purpose of your book.

  • Chapter Outline: Provide a brief outline of the chapters and topics you plan to cover.

  • Your Credentials: Tell us about your background and qualifications in the field of aerodynamics.

  • Why Your Book Matters: Explain why your book is essential and how it contributes to the advancement of aerodynamics.

Our team will carefully review your proposal and get in touch with you to discuss the next steps.

Don't miss this opportunity to make a lasting impact in the field of Applied Aerodynamics. Contact TAAI today to discuss your book project, and let us help you bring your vision to life. Together, we can take the world of aerodynamics to new heights.

Contact TAAI Secretary: [Include Secretary's contact link details here].


We look forward to partnering with you on your book-writing journey!

Book Writing

Thematic Lectures


TAAI Thematic Lectures

Exploring the World of Aerodynamics: Engage with the TAAI Thematic Lecture Series

At TAAI, our dedication to advancing the world of aerodynamics knows no bounds. As part of our mission, we take immense pride in presenting our ongoing series of thematic lectures—your gateway to a world of knowledge, collaboration, and innovation.


Ongoing Thematic Lecture Series

Our thematic lecture series is a testament to our unwavering commitment to nurturing a dynamic community of aerodynamics enthusiasts. These lectures take place year-round and are held in prestigious venues, including esteemed academic institutions like IISc and prominent aeronautical labs like ADA and NAL. Join us in commemorating the field of aerodynamics on Foundation Day every March, with special thematic lectures designed to elevate the discipline.

Share Your Expertise

TAAI has long been a platform where knowledge transcends borders. We cordially invite scholars, experts, and thought leaders in aerodynamics to propose and organize thematic lectures as part of our ongoing series. This is your opportunity to shine, inspire, educate, and network with peers in the field. By sharing your expertise, you play a pivotal role in fostering knowledge, collaboration, and innovation in aerodynamics.


Join the TAAI Journey

Propose a thematic lecture today and become an invaluable contributor to this enriching learning experience. TAAI offers support, access to a diverse audience, and a prestigious platform to bring recognition to your work. To propose a lecture or for more information, please contact our Secretary at [Secretary's Email Address].

Embrace the world of aerodynamics with us, participate in our mission, and become a part of the TAAI Thematic Lecture Series. Together, we can make a difference, foster knowledge sharing, and drive the field of aerodynamics to new horizons.



Honoring Aerodynamist by TAAI

TAAI holds in high regard the contributions of retired Aerodynamicists who have dedicated their careers to advancing the field of aerodynamics in India. In recognition of their invaluable services, TAAI has been organizing a special tradition since SAROD 2005, where these distinguished individuals are honored during the conference.

This tradition serves as a tribute to their unwavering commitment, exceptional achievements, and their pivotal role in shaping the aerodynamics landscape in India. TAAI takes great pride in celebrating their legacy, providing a platform for attendees to express their gratitude for these exemplary figures.

A list of the honored Aerodynamicists at each SAROD conference, starting from SAROD 2005, is presented below:

Honouring Aerodynamist

List of Honored Scientists

DRDL, Hyderabad
Organizing Secretary
Mrs. S. Rama
Honored Scientist
  • Dr. V. Adimurthy, ISRO 

  • Prof. K. Padmanaban, MIT 

  • Mr. H. Govindarajan, DRDL

  • Dr. S. Pradeep Kumar, ISRO

ADA, Bangalore
Organizing Secretary
Mr. K.K. Mohapatra
Honored Scientist
  • Dr. K.P. Singh, ADA 

  • Dr. S.S. Desai, NAL 

  • Dr. S.A. Krishnan, GTRE

VSSC, Trivandrum
Organizing Secretary
Mr. Kalimuthu
Honored Scientist
  • Dr. R. Balu, VSSC

  • Dr. M.S. Shasthry, VSSC 

  • Dr. Kanakarajan, NAL 

  • Prof. Job Kurian, IIT Madras 

  • Mr. P. Jayasimha, HAL

ASL, Hyderabad
Organizing Secretary
Mr. Ajay Singh
Honored Scientist
  • Dr. P.R. Viswanath, NAL

  •  Dr. A.S. Narayana 

  • Dr. Paneerselvam , DRDL 

  • Prof. S. C. Sharma, PEC

ADE, Bangalore
Organizing Secretary
Mr. N. Balachandran
Honored Scientist
  • Dr. A.N. Subhash, VSSC 

  • Mr. G. Rajendra, NAL 

  • Prof. Givindarajab, IISc

NAL, Bangalore
Organizing Secretary
Dr. V. Mudkavi
Honored Scientist
  • Dr. Balakrishnan, DRDL 

  • Dr. Vasantha Shastry, VSSC 

  • Dr. Aravamudhan, ADE

VSSC, Trivandrum
Organizing Secretary
Dr. Pankaj Priyadarshi
Honored Scientist
  • Prof. G.N. V. Rao, IISc 

  • Prof. N.M. Reddy, IISc

DRDL, Hyderabad
Organizing Secretary
Dr. Rakesh Sharma
Honored Scientist
  • Prof. M.A. Ramaswamy, NAL

  • Prof. S.M. Deshpande, IISc

ADA, Bangalore
Organizing Secretary
Mr. Biju Uthup
Honored Scientist
  • Prof. T. G. Pai, ADA

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