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Founding Membrs

Founding Members

"Trust for Advancement of Aerodynamics in India (TAAI) owes its establishment to the dedicated efforts of its visionary founding members. These individuals, passionate about the field of aerodynamics, came together with a shared goal of advancing this domain in India. Prior to the formal registration of TAAI, the founding members played pivotal roles in shaping the trust's mission, objectives, and operational framework. Their collective expertise and commitment provided the foundation upon which TAAI was built. Following the trust's registration, these founding members assumed various leadership positions within the trust, taking on roles such as trustees, office bearers, and advisors. Their continued involvement and dedication have been instrumental in driving TAAI's initiatives and achievements in the realm of aerodynamics and aerospace in India."


Board of Trustees (2023)

Board of Trustees 2023:

The Trust for Advancement of Aerodynamics in India (TAAI) is guided by a dedicated and accomplished Board of Trustees for the year 2023. Comprising eight esteemed individuals, the Board of Trustees plays a pivotal role in steering the organization towards its objectives. These distinguished trustees bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and a shared commitment to advancing the field of aerodynamics in India. Their responsibilities include providing strategic direction, overseeing TAAI's activities, and ensuring that the trust operates in line with its core principles. Together, they serve as the driving force behind TAAI's mission to foster innovation, research, and excellence in aerodynamics in the Indian context.

TAAI Board Managing Trustee
Dr. Prahlada
TAAI Board Secretary
Prof. N. Balakrishnan
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Ex Officio

Ex Officio Trustees

TAAI is honored to have a distinguished group of Ex Officio Trustees who represent India's leading aerospace organizations. Their inclusion is a testament to TAAI's reputation and influence in the field of applied aerodynamics.

These eminent trustees hold critical positions in India's aerospace landscape, providing a unique perspective and invaluable guidance. Their association with TAAI strengthens the organization's ability to foster collaboration, stay at the forefront of aerodynamics research, and adapt to emerging industry trends.

  1. Chairman, DRDO, or Nominee Name and Designation of Nominee

  2. Chairman, ISRO, or Nominee Name and Designation of Nominee

  3. Chairman, HAL, or Nominee Name and Designation of Nominee

  4. Director General, ADA, or Nominee Name and Designation of Nominee

  5. Director, NAL, or Nominee Name and Designation of Nominee


Their involvement is integral to TAAI's mission of bridging the gap between academia and industry, facilitating knowledge transfer, and advancing the field of applied aerodynamics in India.

We extend our deepest gratitude to these distinguished individuals for their valuable contributions to TAAI and their relentless commitment to the advancement of aerodynamics in India.

The following Scientists are the  Ex-officio trustees of TAAI

Management Committee

TAAI Management Committee

TAAI is steered by a dedicated Management Committee comprising three key roles: Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. This committee plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the day-to-day activities of TAAI, ensuring the smooth operation of the organization, and spearheading major events and initiatives.

Chairman - The Chairman holds the responsibility of leading the committee and providing visionary guidance. They are integral in making high-level decisions, setting the strategic direction of TAAI, and facilitating collaboration with other aerodynamics organizations and institutions.

Secretary - The Secretary takes charge of all communication and documentation, playing a vital role in maintaining transparency within the organization. They organize meetings, handle correspondence, and release minutes, ensuring all TAAI activities are well-documented and accessible to its members.

Treasurer - The Treasurer, entrusted with financial matters, maintains records, and oversees the financial health of TAAI. They play a crucial role in the organization's sustainability, managing funds efficiently to support various activities and initiatives.

The Management Committee also shoulders the responsibility of organizing major events, collaborating with experts in the field, and upholding TAAI's reputation for excellence. Their dedication and coordinated efforts are the driving force behind the successful operation of TAAI, fostering its mission to advance aerodynamics in India.

The roles and responsibilities of this committee, as well as other aspects of TAAI's governance, are outlined in the trust deed that serves as a guiding document for the organization.

Management Committee 2024
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