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Photo Gallery

Reliving the Past: A Glimpse into TAAI's History

Welcome to the TAAI Photo Gallery, a captivating journey through our history. Here, we invite you to explore the cherished memories and impactful moments of our past events.

A Walk Down Memory Lane:

Step into the annals of time as you browse through a selection of images from TAAI's archives. From our inaugural days to the conferences and activities that have been pivotal in shaping our mission, this section pays homage to our remarkable journey.

Retracing Our Steps:

In this segment, we revisit the milestones that have defined TAAI's legacy. These photographs capture the spirit of TAAI's unwavering dedication to advancing the field of applied aerodynamics and aerospace design.

Remembering Our Beginnings:

Discover the faces and places that have played an integral role in our history. These photographs offer a visual narrative of our commitment to knowledge, innovation, and excellence.

Contribute to Our Gallery:

Do you have photographs that hold a special place in TAAI's history? We are on a mission to collect and curate old photos, and we invite you to be a part of this initiative. If you have images from past TAAI events or significant moments in the field of applied aerodynamics, please share them with us. Your contributions will help us enrich our gallery and create a more comprehensive visual archive.

The TAAI Photo Gallery is a testament to our enduring passion for aerospace, our mission to promote applied aerodynamics, and our vision for a brighter future in the world of aerodynamics. As we celebrate our past, we are also excited to invite you to join us in shaping the future.

Enjoy your journey through time with the TAAI Photo Gallery, a visual odyssey that captures the essence of our organization's rich heritage and the inspiring moments that have defined our trajectory. Together, we can build a more comprehensive and diverse collection that preserves the legacy of applied aerodynamics. Share your photos with us and be a part of TAAI's historical journey.

(Coming soon: Gallery to be created after contribution of old photos from all)

TAAI Foundation Day Gallery

March 2024

Embark on a visual and insightful journey through aerospace innovation at the TAAI Foundation Day 2024 photo gallery and presentation. Explore captivating images showcasing SKYROOT Aerospace's groundbreaking space launch vehicles and the advancements of the AMCA project. Immerse yourself in the essence of collaboration and excellence as TAAI continues to shape India's aerospace landscape.

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