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"In Aerodynamics we Trust"

Overview of TAAI

The Trust for Advancement of Aerodynamics in India (TAAI) is a private trust dedicated to advancing the field of aerodynamics in India. Established with a clear mission and objectives, TAAI conducts various activities and initiatives to promote and support the study and application of aerodynamics and aerospace vehicle design & encourage growth of aerodynamics experts and expertise in the country.

Management Structure:

The management structure of TAAI, as described in the trust deed, typically consists of the following components:

Board of Trustees: The trust is governed by a Board of Trustees, which is responsible for overseeing the operations and activities of TAAI. The trust deed may specify the number of trustees and their roles. The trustees are often individuals who have a significant interest in aerodynamics and aerospace.

Trustee Roles: Within the Board of Trustees, specific roles and responsibilities are defined. This may include designations such as the Chairman, Managing Trustee, Secretary, Treasurer, and other office bearers.

Funding Trustees: In addition to the core Board of Trustees, TAAI may also include Funding Trustees who play a crucial role in supporting the financial aspects of the trust's activities.

Trust Deed: The trust deed serves as the foundational document that outlines the objectives, powers, and governance structure of TAAI. It details the purpose of the trust and how it will fulfill its mission.

Ex-Officio Trustees: TAAI includes in-service Ex-Officio Trustees who represent organizations integral to the Indian aerospace industry. They play a key role in guiding TAAI's activities.

Management Committee: TAAI has a Management Committee responsible for managing day-to-day operations, conducting meetings, releasing minutes, and organizing major events.

Support for Students and Professionals: TAAI's activities may include supporting students by providing partial financial support to attend conferences and workshops. It may also encourage participation in key events related to aerodynamics.

Publication Support: TAAI supports Indian aerodynamicists in publishing books on applied aerodynamics and related fields, thereby contributing to the dissemination of knowledge in the field.

Vision and Mission: The trust's vision and mission, as outlined in the trust deed, serve as guiding principles for its activities and initiatives.

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Vision Statement:

At TAAI, our vision is to be a pioneering force in advancing the field of aerodynamics in India. We aspire to foster a thriving ecosystem that empowers aerospace enthusiasts, scientists, and engineers. We aim to lead the way in promoting excellence in applied aerodynamics, aerospace vehicle design, and research. Through collaborative efforts, knowledge sharing, and innovation, we envision India becoming a global hub for aerodynamic expertise and a significant contributor to the aerospace industry.

Mission Statement:

TAAI's mission is to promote and advance the science of aerodynamics with unwavering dedication. We are committed to organizing international conferences, workshops, and symposia that facilitate the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of knowledge. Our mission includes actively supporting students, researchers, and professionals by providing financial aid to attend international events and by conducting educational programs. We strive to validate Indigenous Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software through our SPICES initiative, ensuring its relevance to the Indian aerospace industry. TAAI's mission extends to encouraging research and publications in aerodynamics, making valuable contributions to the academic and scientific community. Through these endeavors, we aim to drive progress, innovation, and recognition in the field of aerodynamics for India.

Vision & Mission

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Our Objectives


Objectives of TAAI Trust

  • Advancement of Aerodynamics: The primary objective of the Trust for Advancement of Aerodynamics in India (TAAI) is to promote and advance the science and practice of aerodynamics, with a specific focus on applied aerodynamics and aerospace vehicle design.

  • International Conferences: TAAI aims to organize and conduct international conferences, seminars, workshops, and symposia, such as the bi-annual International Conference SAROD. These events provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas among experts, researchers, and enthusiasts in the field of aerodynamics.

  • Indigenous CFD Validation: The trust is committed to promoting the validation of Indigenous Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software through initiatives like the SPICES symposium. By using Indian validation test cases, TAAI ensures the accuracy and reliability of CFD simulations, benefiting the Indian aerospace industry.

  • Education and Knowledge Sharing: TAAI strives to impart knowledge and expertise by organizing CFD and aerodynamic specialist workshops and conducting lectures in aerodynamics courses. These educational initiatives contribute to the skill development of professionals and students in the field of aerodynamics

  • Support for Students: TAAI actively supports students by providing partial financial assistance, enabling them to attend international conferences and workshops. This support encourages the next generation of aerodynamicists to gain valuable exposure and expertise in the field.

  • Encouraging Research and Publication: The trust extends its support to Indian aerodynamicists by facilitating the publication of books on Applied Aerodynamics and related fields. This initiative helps in disseminating knowledge and research findings within the academic and scientific community.

  • Aerodynamic Human Resources:  Our Objectives includes increasing the quality and numbers  of human resource in the domain of Aerodynamics.

These objectives underscore TAAI's commitment to fostering excellence in aerodynamics, nurturing future talent, and contributing to the growth and recognition of India in the field of aerospace and aerodynamics.

Our Objectives includes increasing the quality and numbers  of human resource in the domain of Aerodynamics.

For more details of the objectives of TAAI You can download the trust deed for TAAI.

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