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Advancing Aerodynamics, Igniting Progress: TAAI's Commitment

Upcoming Events

10th Symposium of Applied Aerodynamics & Design of Aerospace Vehicles (SAROD-2024)
SPICES -2024 Workshop


Aerodynamics & Aerothermodynamics of Human Rated & Autonomous Aerospace Vehicles.

Date : 12th to 14th December 2024

Venue : Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC)

Indian Space Research Center (ISRO)


For Details : Contact:

  • Anoop P., Secretary, Organising Commitee (+91 9495816340)

  • Srinivasan K, Chairman Exhibition Committee (+91 9249583843)

  • Subash S, Chairperson SPICES-2014 Workshop (+91 9447957598)


More details will be anounced in this website soon

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How We Got Here


1st letter pad for TAAI indicating Board members and Chairman of TAAI in 2010

Background of TAAI (Trust for Advancement of Aerodynamics in India)

TAAI, the Trust for Advancement of Aerodynamics in India, officially came into existence on March 15, 2008, with its registration as a private trust through the deed of Private trust at the Varthur Sub Registrar office. The visionaries behind the trust, Dr. Prahlada, Prof. S.M. Deshpande, and Mr. Biju Uthup, laid the foundation and assumed the roles of its first trustees, joined by Dr. V. Adimurthy and Dr. K.P. Singh. The trust's office, initially located at NAL, Kodihalli, Bangalore, 560017, served as its operational center.

In the nascent stages, TAAI's inception was significantly supported by Dr. A. R. Upadhya, who, as the Director of NAL during TAAI's registration in 2008, and Late. Prof. Narasimha, played integral roles as members of the Board of Trustees from the beginning. While they may not be the Founder trustees officially, their early and substantial involvement shaped the trajectory of TAAI. Dr. Upadhya, in his capacity as the Director of NAL, generously offered NAL as the first official address of the Trust, and soon after registration, assumed the role of the first Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

The trust commenced its mission with a corpus fund of Rs 2 lakhs, a contribution from the remaining unspent funds of the ICNMFD CFD Conference, signifying TAAI's commitment to advancing aerodynamics in India. TAAI stands out by dedicating itself to the advancement of aerodynamics and its applications, notably organizing the SAROD symposium of applied Aerodynamics as its flagship program. The exploration of fluid dynamics and aerodynamics forms the core of TAAI's pursuits, driving scientific applications, engineering innovations, and technological progress.

TAAI continues to be a dynamic force in the field, with its roots embedded in a collaborative vision that extends beyond its official registration, fostering a legacy of innovation and advancement in the realm of aerodynamics in India.

Our Mission

TAAI's mission is to provide a platform for cutting-edge research and innovation in aerodynamics. This trust plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of Applied aerodynamics in India and beyond.

Areas of Focus

TAAI's key areas of focus include aerospace engineering, Design aerodynamics,green energy solutions, biomechanics, and understanding the environmental impact of aerodynamics.

Our Commitment

TAAI is dedicated to advancing aerodynamics and nurturing talent in the field. Through collaborative research and innovation, TAAI empowers the next generation of scientists and engineers to shape India's future in aerodynamics & Aerospace Design

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TAAI Activities

TAAI Trust: Nurturing Excellence in Aerodynamics and Beyond

The Trust for Advancement of Aerodynamics in India (TAAI) is a distinguished private trust dedicated to fostering excellence in the field of aerodynamics. TAAI takes pride in its pivotal role as the joint organizer of the bi-annual International Conference SAROD (Symposium on Applied Aerodynamics and Design of Aerospace Vehicles), a gathering of brilliant minds focused on Applied Aerodynamics and Aerospace Vehicle Design. This conference serves as a prominent platform for scholars, scientists, and industry experts to exchange insights and explore cutting-edge concepts.

In addition to SAROD, TAAI hosts SPICES (Symposium for Promotion of Indigenous CFD process in Engineering Sciences), a symposium dedicated to the validation of Indigenous Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) through the use of Indian validation test cases. This initiative has a significant impact on the Indian aerospace industry, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of CFD simulations.

TAAI's commitment to knowledge sharing and expertise development extends to a range of CFD and aerodynamic specialist workshops, where participants gain valuable insights from leaders in the field. Our efforts to nurture future talent are evident through our support for students, enabling them to attend international conferences and workshops with partial financial assistance. TAAI actively encourages student participation in SAROD and SPICES, providing a unique opportunity to learn from the best and contribute to the advancement of aerodynamics.

Moreover, TAAI proudly supports Indian aerodynamicists in their quest to publish books on Applied Aerodynamics and related fields. This commitment reflects our dedication to knowledge dissemination and academic progress.

TAAI Trust stands as a pillar of innovation and knowledge exchange in the realm of aerodynamics, contributing to India's growth and recognition both in the aerospace and non-Aerospace sector. Join us in our journey of exploration, education, and collaboration, as together, we soar to new heights in aerodynamic excellence. Welcome to the TAAI community!


About TAAI Logo

TAAI Logo: A Timeless Symbol of Heritage and Innovation


The TAAI logo draws inspiration from the ancient Indian boomerang, known as "Valai Thadi," which boasts a history dating back more than ten thousand years. Cave paintings, possibly dating back 20,000 years, reveal the use of these non-returning boomerangs by Tamil people, primarily for protecting cattle from predators.

Creatively intertwining the boomerang with the letters TAAI, the logo design subtly incorporates the dot in the letter I as part of the boomerang's knob. This design is derived from a specific specimen exhibited in the Pudukottai Museum in Tamil Nadu, symbolizing the profound cultural heritage associated with this ancient tool.

Professor Narasimha, a guide and mentor for the Trust from its inception until his passing a couple of years ago, had insightfully suggested that the Indian Boomerang could serve as the official insignia of the Trust. His recommendation underlines the historical significance and cultural roots embedded in the TAAI logo. Professor Narasimha also provided valuable guidance, contributing to the logo's selection and its representation of the Trust's ethos.

Furthermore, it is essential to recognize that Professor RN has been a consistent guiding force and mentor for the Trust since its inception. His enduring support and expertise have played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the Trust, reflecting the seamless integration of tradition and innovation.

For a deeper exploration of the Indian Boomerang's connection to Tamil culture, detailed articles can be found at the following links:


The TAAI logo stands not merely as a visual representation of the Trust but also as a profound tribute to the historical roots of aerodynamics in India. It encapsulates the wisdom of the past while envisioning a dynamic and innovative future, symbolizing the enduring legacy of TAAI.

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